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Our Patron:

Sir David Chapman Bt, - passionate about our region and brings a wealth of experience.

Key Staff:

Paul OliverOperations and Development Manager

Dani Soulsby Coffee Shop Manager

Joe WinderFood Bank Operations

Maureen Gribben - Volunteer co-ordinator

Neil - Community Housing Co-ordinator


Sue ChiltonTreasurer

Pauline Tinnelley - Insurance, risk assessment

Our Values:

Compassionate - Reaching out with a heart and care for others, responding with understanding and a compelling desire to support.


Integrity - Shaping all our deliberations, discussions and decisions in ways that are upright, ethical and morally sound.


Inclusive - Welcoming and respecting in equal measure, that all may feel valued.


Empowerment - Equipping and enabling all to be free from that which has hold.

Hospitality and Hope is a Christian faith based charity, started in 2002 which exists to help people who need support in South Tyneside. Our Christian faith is at the core of Hospitality and Hope. This means it affects:

What we do: All our projects start as a result of a clear sense of God’s guidance and direction discovered through the bible, prayer and research. We believe that God has specific things for us to do.

Why we do what we do: For many people working for Hospitality and Hope, it is more than just a job. It is serving Jesus. It is our faith in God that motivates us to care for people who need help.

How we express God’s love: We treat people well, with dignity and respect. Our values reflect God’s desire for integrity, accountability, inclusively and equality.

The way we work expresses our values. We want to copy Jesus in the way that we work at Hospitality and Hope. However we recognise that many of these values are not exclusive to the Christian faith and are shared by those with other faiths or none.